Hail Storm Damage Tips

You know what storm damage looks like. After all, most storms leave plenty of visible evidence behind. Once the leaves are raked and the fallen branches are on the curb, it’s over with.

Or is it?  Storms cause damage that can’t just be swept away.  How do you know if your home has suffered damage? You could be walking past subtle signs that your home needs repairs every day, and all of them are indicators that your roof may be damaged too. High winds and hail can cause damage to your roof that’s invisible from your yard or driveway. These are a few common indicators that say it’s time to have your roof inspected by a roofing expert.

Though these warnings are not always present, when they are, they are sure signs that your home needs attention. Get your house the attention it needs before the damage becomes visible from inside your home.

Many folks don’t realize that a homeowner is obligated to their insurance provider to report any possible damages their home may have sustained after a storm. The easiest way to handle this problem is to have an expert check the condition of their roof to ensure they don’t have damage, or to become aware of damages they incurred.

At Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering, we have the best team of seasoned professionals, experienced in storm damage assessment and repair. We can assist with your insurance claim and see your recovery project through from beginning to end.

Remember, if you live in the Tulsa Metro area or in Green Country, at Shew’s we provide 24/7 Emergency Service (918) 266-7946.  We will be glad to do a complete 17 point inspection of your home to help you determine the extent of damage your home may have sustained.  Our estimates to repair damage are NO CHARGE and there is NO Obligation.

If you are not sure about the status of your homes exterior, feel free to give us a call at 918-266-7946 or contact us via e-mail at info@shewstopquality.com we are fully insured and prepared to assist you in any manner you desire.

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