Roofing Tips


We hope you select Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering as your roofing contractor.  We will make every effort to see that your new roof installation runs smoothly and is as painless as possible.

The following tips will help make your roofing experience a pleasant one and provide you with information that will assist us in our construction efforts.

     Please unlock all gates to provide access to all areas of your yard for cleanup.


      Please turn off alarms and sprinkler systems.


      Remove any delicate items hanging from the walls or placed on shelves.  Vibration from the construction can cause these items to fall and break.


pets·        Confine pets indoors or restrain away from home.  Check all gates prior to releasing them back into the yard.


sat-dish3     We will remove and reinstall satellite dishes and TV antennas (up to 20 ft. in height).  We cannot be responsible for reception.    


     When removal of wood shingles is required, dirt and debris will fall into the attic. We will remove the larger pieces and blow dirt off of stored items and heating units with a leaf blower.  As a precaution, you may want to cover or remove items stored in your attic.• Please move any items stored next to the house out of the path of falling debris or materials.  These items include, but are not limited to, BBQ grills, potted plants, lawn furniture, gardening tools, etc. 


roofing-magnet     Nails that fall from the roof during construction will be picked up with a magnetic roller.  We make every effort to remove all nails but some may remain.

·         Prior to construction on a wood shingle tear off, we suggest that you inspect your attic for wiring run over the rafters and between the lath boards (telephone, electrical, cable TV, security systems, computer).  This installation does not meet code and we cannot be responsible for damage.      In order to ensure the safety of small children, please keep them away from the work area.

     Please park your vehicles out of the garage and off of the driveway during construction.  We will require access to your driveway to load material onto the roof, remove debris from the roof, and to clean up.

      In most vaulted ceilings, the sheetrock is nailed directly to the underneath side of the rafters.  In this situation, the vibration from construction activities may cause the texture to release from the nail heads.  We will be happy to paint over the exposed nail heads with touch-up paint that you supply.skylights1

     In order to properly re-flash a skylight, we must remove the frame from the curb.  When the skylight is removed, dried paint, texture or sheetrock dust may fall inside.  Please cover or remove anything directly underneath all skylights.  

·         Our materials are based on a complete job.  We always order extra materials to insure we don’t run short and, as such, any surplus materials remain the property of Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering and will be removed promptly after the job is complete.