Speciality Roof


Specialty roofing products are made by the hundreds. These are just a few that most commonly used in Oklahoma.  We carry an extensive library of special roofing materials. Call now for a free consultation for that difficult-to-find or unique roofing material.

grandmanorhouseGrand Manor – These are a tri-laminate heavy duty shingle which carries a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty. They provide an old-style appearance that is quite unique. Although these are not inexpensive, the 50-year warranty makes them a great value for your special home.


presidentialhousePresidential Shingles –These are possibly the most commonly used upscale shingle product in Oklahoma. These beefy shingles are very thick and look similar to wood shake. There is no mistaking a Presidential. Made exclusively by CertainTeed, they come with great warranties and are a great value to the homeowner with discriminating taste.


hipandridgehouseHip & Ridge Shingles – Hip & Ridge shingles by Timbertex is an extra thick and wide product that is used to highlight the Hips and Ridges of a roof.  Notice how the definition of this roof-line is greatly enhanced with the different look of this product. While not for every roof, it is an affordable enhancement for many roofs.


capstonehouseCapstone – This high profile roofing product is made by Elk. Please notice the dark banding that makes this shingle extremely noticeable. As with many specialty roofs, this is an upgrade in both price and looks. On the right home, this produces a stunningly beautiful effect.


Check with us here at Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering to see all the unique and beautiful shingles.