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Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering exclusively uses Roof Reviver™ Roof Cleaner.

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Moss, algae and fungus derive nutrition from cellulose found in Roof moss and moldnature, and in modern roofing. If left untreated, moss will quickly cause permanent roof damage. Roof Reviver™ Roof Cleaner safely removes this biological growth without harming the roof. Guaranteed!

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Why should I be concerned if my roof has Ugly Stains?

1.) Roof stains diminish the value and beauty of your home:

Roof staining is unsightly, embarrassing, and can diminish the overall beauty and value of your home. Nearly 50% of the total view of your house is the roof! Even an attractive and well cared for property, can’t conceal this eyesore. If you have an ugly roof, it shows!

2.) Roof stains are costing you money on your gas and electric bill:

Studies prove that the darkening effect caused by roof stains, trap excessive heat under the roof, in some cases as much as 25 degrees. This unwanted heat shortens shingle life, increases air conditioning bills, and adds to personal discomfort.

3.) A dirty roof could stop you from selling your home:

Do you plan on selling your home? A functional, yet badly stained roof will raise doubts with potential homebuyers, real-estate agents and home inspectors. Far too many roofs are replaced just because they look bad. Simply put, a stained and darkened roof is assumed to be worn out. Cleaning your roof before you list your home could save you thousands of dollars!

4.) Helps your roof function properly:

Your roof is a huge collector of dust, dirt, smog and other air pollutants. You may have noticed this black material on lawn furniture, decks, siding and awnings. This grime must be removed if your roof is to look its best, and function properly!

5.) Roof cleaning is a fast and affordable project with dramatic results:

There are very few low cost home improvement projects that can offer dramatic benefits quickly. Roof cleaning is one of them. When done properly, the results are amazing!