Polar Wall Solid Core Vinyl Siding

6 inch lap sidingThe Polar Wall Plus! Exterior System features a Polystyrene foam laminated backing behind every vinyl panel for added strength, durability and energy efficiency.

Improved Insulation
Polar Wall Plus! Exterior System enhances the overall R-Value of wall construction and reduces air infiltration for greater energy efficiency. In fact, Polar Wall Plus!
Exterior System qualifies for the EPA’s Energy Star Program when installed as suggested in the Energy Star Insulation Guide. Please ask us for a copy of the Guide or call 1-888-STAR-YES.

Greater Impact Resistance
The combination of solid 0.044” vinyl panels and precision contour-cut laminated foam backing makes Polar Wall Plus! Exterior System stronger than conventional vinyl siding panels – up to 300% more impact resistance.

Superior Wind Resistance
AALockingSystemA full ¾” with extended return leg and a super heavy duty reverse  rolled-over nailing hem combine to create the Bear Hug Lock™ – the unique locking system that resists winds above 200 mph.


Superior Storm Resistance
No other standard exterior cladding product will outperform Polar Wall Plus! Improved resistance to hail damage compared to standard vinyl, aluminum or steel siding panels.

Polar Wall Plus! Profiles Polar Wall Plus! Profiles

  • Double 4” Horizontal
  • Double 5” Dutchlap
  • Double 6″ Horizontal


Product Features


Sdg profilePremium Polar Wall Plus! colors feature Colorhold capping resins. Colorhold is a UV-stable acrylic polymer that has excellent fade-resistant properties, providing weathering performance far beyond that of standard PVC products.

For additional information on Colorhold, please call us for a complete color guide and sample kit.

For our 3-part architectural specifications in CSI format, see the 3-PART SPECIFICATIONS portion of this Profile.

Physical Data

  • Panel thickness: 0.044” (+/- 0.001”)
  • Panel Projection: ¾”
  • Double 4” Horizontal panel length: 12’ – 6”
  • Double 5” Dutchlap panel length: 12’ – 0”
  • Color: Uniformity is spectrophotometrically controlled
  • Texture: Embossed with a woodgrain pattern
  • Lock: Optically measured and controlled
  • Gloss: Uniform low gloss maintained with an integrating 75 degree gloss meter