Green Roofing

The term green roofing has two meanings; actual green roofs covered with soil and vegetation, and energy efficient roofs that utilize green building technology to provide sustainable and eco friendly roofing system.

Green Metal Roofing

Metal is a green building material that offers long lasting protection and can be recycled. Metal Roofs are light weight and can be installed over the existing asphalt shingle roof. This eliminates the mess and helps to protect the environment. Modern-day Metal Roofs are coated with special reflective coatings that reflect up to seventy percent of the solar radiation, which can result in 20% emery savings in the summer. The reduced load on AC will result in reduction of green house gases release in the environment.

Solar Metal Roofing

A building that is protected by energy star rated metal roof is already considered green, but there is a way to take the energy efficiency of your roof further. With standing seam metal roof you can now integrate PV solar roof laminates.


Picture of Solar PV Laminates attached to Standing Seam Roof.


Solar Metal Roof

Solar Metal Roof

How Does solar Roofing work?

A photovoltaic cell generates electricity directly from sunlight. When sun light hits photovoltaic cell, electrons get set free creating electrical current. In traditional solar roofing, flat photovoltaic solar panels can be attached to the south facing side of the roof using roof penetrations. One of the issues with using traditional solar panels on a typical asphalt shingle roof is that at some point an asphalt shingle roof will require replacement and a temporary dismantling of solar panels. This of course can be expensive and time consuming.

Thin Film Solar Laminates

Newer technology has brought out thin-film laminates panels that can be easily attached to standing seam metal roof. The advantage of this setup is that there are no roof penetrations required as the panels are mounted to standing seam panels using peal and stick method.

Grid tied solar roofing Systems

Grid tied system allows homeowner sell excess electricity to the greed, when there is a surplus, and use the grid power when the solar panel do not produce enough electricity or during the darker hours of the day. There are also off the grid solar roofing systems that require expensive set up with the special batteries to store the electric energy generated by solar panels.

Green Roof Gardens

Unlike green building accredited roof systems, green roof gardens refer to soil and green vegetation that grows on the roof. Green roofs can be planted over a flat roof membrane that can withstand standing or ponding water. Of course, such a flat roofing membrane has to be completely waterproof. A well designed green roof pond may include water drainage for collection and irrigation.




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