Health Smart Vinyl Replacement Windows


Health Smart Windows


  • Custom Built for your home. 

  • STOP throwing money out your windows! 

  • 37% Energy Savings


PGT® Vinyl Windows PGT Vinyl-Window


Custom built Energy Tax Credit Windows at a GREAT PRICE includes complete installation by our Factory Trained Installers!





Replacing your windows is one of the best improvements you can make to your home. With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 in place, replacing your windows is now a cost effective improvement too. This Stimulus Plan includes an incentive for homeowners across America to receive a 30% tax credit (up to $1,500) per household for energy efficient home improvements made in 2009 and 2010. Select PGT SpectraGuard windows qualify for this credit by offering both a U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .30 or less, the requirement of this credit. (See the flip side of this sheet for details on which products qualify along with their performance results).


All PGT SpectraGuard windows earn the ENERGY STAR® seal and come with the following standard and optional features:

• Double strength high performance Low-E insulating glass

• Double or triple soft coat Low-E

• Argon gas sealed between the inner and outer panes

• BetterVueTM screen option for improved outdoor views, increased light transmittance, better airflow and, small insect prevention

• Super Spacer® NXT true warm edge spacer system; a new generation of glass insulating technology for the ultimate

in thermal performance and condensation reduction

• Heavy, multi-chambered frames that are precision welded and aligned to prevent air leakage

• Climate Control and Sound & Security packages also available

• Design pressure ratings of up to DP 50, one of the highest in the industry, for outstanding structural performance

• Low profile corrosion resistant hardware

• Flat, contour or simulated divided lite grids

• Custom designed weatherstripping for excellent air, water and energy performance

• Multi-purpose concealed lock and keeper system for easy sash release

SpectraGuard windows combine superior energy performance and protection with unsurpassed wood-like detail and character. PGT incorporates a unique 3-step beaded profile on both the frame and sash that makes them almost indistinguishable from painted wood windows. SpectraGuard windows do not sacrifice beauty to achieve their energy efficiency, strength and security features… and neither should you.

Prism® by Simonton is another EXCELLENT choice in Windows from Shew’s Top Quality

This exclusive line of vinyl replacement windows and doors is sold only by Norandex/Reynolds. Available in Platinum, Ultra Gold, and Bronze series, each includes specific features and options for a true custom product. Prism by Simonton and Polar Wall PLus Siding products are available in our area.

Premium Vinyl
The premium vinyl used in our windows and doors is an excellent insulator. Its thermal properties are far superior to aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Super Spacer® System

WarmEdge• Solid silicone foam provides superior energy efficiency.
• Does not conduct energy as quickly as metal spacers.
• Silicone foam is flexible and helps reduce stress cracks.

Gas Fill
The space inside an insulating glass unit—between the glass panes—may be filled with Argon gas, an odorless, non-toxic gas that is six times denser than air. This acts as an added barrier for a higher level of efficiency.

 Cardinal’s LoĒ³-366® Glass is used in ALL Custom Built Windows from Shew’s Top Quality! 

 Cardinal’s LoĒ³-366® is an advanced, spectrally selective glass that is available on premium Simonton products as part of a thermally superior, energy-efficient glass package. LoĒ³-366® glass offers the ultimate in solar heat control, fading protection, visibility and energy savings. The 12-layer patented formula features three layers of silver to provide maximum insulation that will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer—no matter where you live. LoĒ³-366® glass also blocks up to 95% of the sun’s destructive rays while allowing great visible light transmission.
  • The ultimate in solar heat control, fading protection and visibility.
  • Helps provide year-round comfort and energy savings.
  • The perfect glass for all regions of the country.
  • Provide warmer wintertime inside glass surface temperatures and helps reduce condensation.
  • Outperforms tinted glass used in warmer climates without hindering your view.
  • 12-layer patented formula with three layers of silver.