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Window and Doors

Looking for quality replacement windows? You’ve come to the right place! According to Realtor Magazine, homeowners who invest in high-quality replacement windows will increase resale value far more than those who choose low-end windows. Also, choosing the wrong window or the wrong contractor to install it can actually cost you money on your heating & cooling bills. Not only do they make your home look bad…leaky, old windows also allow the climate to rob you of a comfortable living environment. Let us show you how we can save you money, and increase the value of your home by installing Top Quality Replacement Windows.


Energy conserving window and door systems


Windows and doors are two areas where homeowners can expect energy loss. That’s why you should consider Shew’s Top Quality energy conserving window and door systems. Our high-performance windows improve your indoor comfort, giving you even temperatures throughout your home year round. Using Cardinal 366 glass helps to reduce solar heat gain in the summer without affecting your view, plus helps reduce fading of costly furnishings such as hardwood floors, carpet, and furniture.


Our entry doors offer great energy efficiencies, too. Built with a solid polyurethane core, our entry doors offer five times the insulation value of wood, yet won’t rot, crack or split like real wood doors. Hinged and sliding patio doors come with generous weatherstripping, high-performance sills and insulated Low-E glass for UV ray protection, making a big difference in your home’s comfort and energy bills. In addition to enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, an entry door can enhance the value of your home. An enhanced entryway positively influences the selling price of a home by creating eye-catching curb appeal.


Contact Shew’s Top Quality for a free in-home review, demonstration and estimate for your new windows and doors.  We will assist in obtaining the latest substantial tax credits and rebates available.


Vinyl Replacement Windows by Atrium and ViWinTech Ultra Vinyl

Shew's preferred Vinyl Replacement Windows are manufactured by Atrium and ViWinTech Ultra Vinyl.  Shew's years of experience, we know Atrium and ViWinTech Ultra Vinyl provide the quality products we desire to install and our clients' demand.


Contact us so we can work for you to find the windows products that fit your needs and budget.


Windows by Simonton

Prism® by Simonton is another EXCELLENT choice in Windows from Shew’s Top Quality

This exclusive line of vinyl replacement windows and doors is sold only by Norandex/Reynolds. Available in Platinum, Ultra Gold, and Bronze series, each includes specific features and options for a true custom product. Prism by Simonton and Polar Wall PLus Siding products are available in our area.


Premium Vinyl
The premium vinyl used in our windows and doors is an excellent insulator. Its thermal properties are far superior to aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Super Spacer® System
• Solid silicone foam provides superior energy efficiency.
• Does not conduct energy as quickly as metal spacers.
• Silicone foam is flexible and helps reduce stress cracks.


Gas Fill

The space inside an insulating glass unit—between the glass panes—may be filled with Argon gas, an odorless, non-toxic gas that is six times denser than air. This acts as an added barrier for a higher level of efficiency.


Cardinal’s LoĒ³-366® Glass

Cardinal’s LoĒ³-366® is used in  ALL custom built windows for, Shews Top Quality.  It is an advanced, spectrally selective glass that is available on premium Simonton products as part of a thermally superior, energy-efficient glass package. LoĒ³-366® glass offers the ultimate in solar heat control, fading protection, visibility, and energy savings. The 12-layer patented formula features three layers of silver to provide maximum insulation that will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer—no matter where you live. LoĒ³-366® glass also blocks up to 95% of the sun’s destructive rays while allowing great visible light transmission.

  • The ultimate in solar heat control, fading protection and visibility.

  • Helps provide year-round comfort and energy savings.

  • The perfect glass for all regions of the country.

  • Provide warmer wintertime inside glass surface temperatures and helps reduce condensation.

  • Outperforms tinted glass used in warmer climates without hindering your view.

  • 12-layer patented formula with three layers of silver.


Security Windows With KeepSafe™ Glass

  • Break-in Protection. Deters burglars & intruders, ensuring your family’s safety.
    Variety of styles.

  • Warranty available.

  • Up to 50% noise reduction than ordinary glass.*

  • UV protection. Preserves furniture.

  • Free consultation & estimate. 100% financing available!


Security windows installed by Shew’s Top Quality Roofing and Guttering deters burglars and protects the safety of your home and family. Security for your home is a top priority. You may have already had a safety alarm, deadbolts, or other common crime deterrents installed, but a large percentage of burglaries happen when a window or door is broken. Don’t neglect to ensure your windows are as safe as possible.  KeepSafe™ glass is an option in Simonton vinyl windows which deters burglars.


KeepSafe Laminated glass contains a tough plastic layer between two panes of glass. This is similar to the safety glass used for years in the auto industry. This revolutionary window will not break as easily as most fragile-glass windows even when struck repeatedly with a crowbar, brick, or other weapons.


Just like with other Simonton products, windows with KeepSafe glass come in a variety of styles including double-hung, bay and slider, providing a variety of options to match the décor of your Tulsa area home. Patio doors are also available with KeepSafe glass. Simonton windows with KeepSafe not only deter theft but also reduce noise from outside sources such as cars, planes, or neighborhood nuisances. All KeepSafe glass products are also backed by Simonton’s transferable limited warranty.


When you choose new Simonton windows with KeepSafe glass for your home in Northeastern Oklahoma, you are ensuring the safety of your family, your home and your belongings. Shew’s Top Quality offers an unparalleled warranty for the installation of your new windows. That, along with the superb Simonton warranty, guarantees you and your family the security you seek. Call a representative today to learn just how affordable your new windows can be.

This special laminate layer is absolutely amazing!  A burglar could literally take an aluminum baseball bat and they would not be able to successfully break the glass to enter the home.


How this works:
Laminated glass is a combination of two glass sheets with one interlayer of plastic (PVB). In case of breakage, the interlayer holds the fragments together and continues to provide resistance to the passage of persons or objects.  It is virtually impenetrable.

Why security bars are a thing of the past:
Most iron bars used to cover windows are actually screwed in and can easily be removed providing a false sense of security.  Additionally, bars decrease a home’s value, they block important natural light needed to reduce energy bills, they create fire hazards and they are expensive to maintain.

Additional Benefits:

*Special UV filter virtually eliminates furniture and floor fading caused by the sun.
*Increases the windows overall energy efficiency performance.
*Reduces noise from busy roads and sidewalks.
*Special stickers to warn potential intruders.
*More cost effective when compared to iron bars. 
*You have a beautiful view!

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